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26 February 2018 @ 09:43 pm

1. What is your favourite kind of "-cide" (e.g., suicide, homicide, matricide, genocide..etc)?
I like listening to True Crime podcasts, lately, which are mainly about homicide - but I wouldn't call it a "favorite"

2. Do you prefer soupy noodles or noodles without the broth?

3. Do you listen to Sublime? What's your favourite song of theirs?
No, I don't listem to them.

4. Don't you hate it when you comment/message someone a question and you know they've read it but they don't reply?
I don't really care unless it's important.

5. Do you have a virus scanner installed on your computer?
I don't think so. Maybe some free, generic one. I know I haven't paid for a real one before.

6. Do you think a pretty person with ugly teeth can ruin their appearance?
Not necessarily but it's a huge factor, I think.

7. What's up?
Finally relaxing for a split second.

8. Have you ever missed someone but felt like they had other friends and didn't miss you as much as you did?

9. Are you pretty good at small talk/conversing with aquaintances?
It all depends. If I want to talk to you, I will & i can hold a small talk conversation easily. If we simply just don't connect, then I'm not going to bother wasting my time.

10. Who, out of all your friends, do you hang with the most and could never get tired of him/her?
I only ever see Ryan on the weekends.

11. What was the last bet you made between a friend? Who won?
I don't remember.

12. Do you like the taste of white chocolate or does it taste kind of fake?
I don't like white chocolate.

13. Are you an automaton?

14. How would you react if you just found out your mom had an abortion before?
I'd be shocked because that's just not like her.

15. Are your pets spayed/neutured?

16. Don't you hate it when myspace goes under maintenance all the time?
I doubt it does that anymore.

17. Do you have polymastia (only the cool kids have been diagnosed with it)?

18. Here's a good one: Do you know anybody who has a third nipple?

I don't think so.

19. Ever seen a guy wear a kilt before?
In parades.

20. Hottest guy you know and actually talk to? Hottest guy whose name you don't even know?
I honestly don't talk to many people anymore at all.

21. Do you wear jeans that are boot cut, straight leg, flared, or what?
I have one pair of jeans that fit me & they are "skinny".

22. Are you expert at photoshop?

23. Where do you buy your shoes?
Wherever is cheapest, usually.

24. Have you ever seen the movie Selena, about the Mexican-American pop star?

25. When was the last time you had carrot cake?
It's been a while.

26. Do you make sweet vids on your camera with your friends?

27. Have you even been to the Space Needle?

28. Can you sing the Pebtol Bismol commercial jingle?
I haven't heard it in a very long while, so I don't think I can anymore.

29. Do you know any teenager guys who talk in a semi-high voice like they haven't even reached puberty yet?
My brother & all of his little friends are thirteen, so anything out of the mouth is cracky.

30. Are you feeling pretty complacent at the moment?
I guess you could say that, sure.
[made at xanga.com/srvy]

01 August 2017 @ 09:12 pm
18 June 2017 @ 05:50 pm

Do you often rely on your gut instinct?

When and why did you move out of your parents' home?
I was 18 when I moved away to college, then I was staying at my ex-boyfriends house in town whenever I was home on break. I didn't move home officially until we broke up and I had just turned 20.

Have you ever tried to be friends with someone who broke your heart?

What is the best thing about your life right now?

Did you do any sports or extra-curricular activities as a child?

Have you ever had an ex that was seemingly obsessed with you? Alternatively, have you ever been the obsessive ex?
Yes, my last ex-boyfriend was just crazy. No, I've never been obsessive.

How was your second serious relationship different from your first? Did you approach relationships differently with some experience under your belt?
My first serious relationship was with my last ex-boyfriend. I was 16 & let him take advantage of me and let him do whatever he wanted towards me, which was so unhealthy, but it was all I knew and thought I was worth. My current relationship is the most serious one I've ever had, and the love we have for each other is pure, passionate, real, lasting, natural. My last one didn't feel like that at all. I knew I loved him, but I never loved anyone like I love Ryan. My first boyfriend, I loved him until I fell for Ryan. I was 13 when I fell for Nick & I really didn't stop until I fell for Ryan, at 20 years old. 7 years of loving someone who I wasn't with for 5 of those years is crazy.. and to be so young.. and I had TWO relationships in between, and oppurtunities to be together with him again until I was 18. My love for Nick was the closest I can compare my love to Ryan to. It's magicial and pure. I don't know if Nick would say the same for me.

Whose death affected you the most?
I haven't had to experience a death of a loved one that close to me before, besides in early childhood.

Have you ever been labelled 'promiscuous' or 'slutty'? How did that affect you?
I don't think so.

How are you similar to/different from your siblings?

Have you ever been to counselling?

Have you ever been attracted to a member of the same sex?

Do you regret anything about your last relationship?
I shouldn't have ever, ever, ever let it have gotten to where it got - but I'm glad I'm where I am now.

If you suffer from any kind of illness/disorder: if you were able, would you choose to cure yourself? Why or why not?
I don't have any illness/disorder that I'm aware of.

Have you ever had an STD?

What books have made you cry?
The Notebook made me cry... again, the book, NOT the movie.

What was the best time you've had with a complete stranger?
I don't know.

Is there anything that someone in your past has said that still affects you today?

Have you ever dealt with mismatched levels of affection in a relationship (for example, you cared about them more than they cared about you or vice versa)?

Who has seen you at your absolute worst? How did your relationship change afterwards?
My ex-boyfriend, because he brought me to that level of absolute worst. It changed our relationship drastically? I hated him.

What is your closest platonic friendship?
I talk to Emmalee regularly, but we aren't close friends. We're friends.

What is the best wedding you've been to? What about the worst?
I dont know.

Have you ever had a successful friends with benefits situation? Were you able to stay friends afterwards?
Nick & I tried after our relationship ended, but I ended up getting hurt. Yes, we stayed friends for a while.

What is your go-to meal when you have guests?
I don't have guests.

Have you ever discussed having an open relationship with a partner?
Not seriously or sincerly, but we have talked about it. And we talked about threesomes in the car on Friday.

Are you more comfortable hearing compliments from a certain gender?

At which point in your life were you the most healthy? The least?
The one week I ate healthy & exercised. The least is always.

How are you currently trying to better yourself?

Does/has anyone close to you have/ever had an eating disorder/mental illness/etc.?
My mother's best friend's daughter has borderline personality disorder & anorexia. We grew up together & got close again in high school, but I haven't seen/heard much of her since we went to college. about seven years now.

02 June 2017 @ 10:30 pm

Sun, 26 May 2013 20:24:28 -04:00

Did anything brighten up your day today?
Ryan brightened my day. :) // I had off tonight.

How are you feeling at this exact moment?
Icky. This couch smells & the house is stuffy. // Content.

Are you someone who worries too often?
Yeah, I worry about a lot of things all the time. // I'm getting better at not worrying as much.

Do you ever wonder how other people see you?
Yeah, but then again, I just don't care. I know what type of person I truly am.

Are you taller than most?
I am just barely 5'0"

When was the last time you sang an ENTIRE song?
In the car on my birthday. // I don't remember.

Are you the type of person who likes to be out or home?
Both at times.

Do you consider yourself to be attractive?
I know I'm not ugly. // No.

What was the last thing that you drank?

Is anything annoying you now?
Yes, my family is annoying as hell. // No.

Has anyone ever said I love you to you and not meant it?

Do you regret going out with the last person you did?
No, I don't.

Do you realize it when you curse?
Yeah, because I don't do it very often.

When was the last time you showered?
Yesterday. I'm about to shower now. // Yesterday.

Do you have your belly button pierced?
Nope, I only have my ears pierced.

How do you sleep? On your stomach, back, side, etc
On my side. I sleep on the couch, so my side is the only way I really can sleep. // I sleep on my sides or my stomach, depends on how I get comfortable that night.

Which would be more meaningful to you: I love you a lot, I love you so much?
I love you so much.

Do you drink coffee?

Does it matter to you if your boyfriend/ girlfriend drinks?
I guess I wouldn't mind if they did it in moderation and didn't become a jerk when drunk. // Ryan drinks in moderation and it's fine.

Do you give out second chances way too easily?

When you bend over to the front, can you touch your toes?
Yeah. // Yes.

Is it possible to be single and happy?

Do you have strange dreams?
I do. I have the strangest dreams.

Do you know what the last person you kissed is doing right now?
He's working for another 40 minutes. // He's camping this weekend with the guys from work.

How long does it take you to shower?
Not long, like 10 minutes probably less.

Ever liked someone older than you?
Everyone I've ever liked has been older than me, but not more than 2 years.

Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep last night?

Do you want someone you can't have?
No, I already got him.

Do you believe what goes around comes around?

Was your last text message from a girl or boy?
I don't remember, my phone is in the other room. // It was from Ryan.

Is your bedroom messy or clean?
I don't have a bedroom. // It's a mess.

Are you in a good mood right now?
I'm not in a bad mood, but I have a headache so I might be a little testy. // Nope.

Do you drink energy drinks?

I haven't changed much in four years!

02 June 2017 @ 10:03 pm
Thu, 16 Apr 2009 06:25:28 -04:00

1. What grade were you in? i was in 8th grade. // I was in my senior year of college.
2. Who were your best friends? Christina and Nick. // Ryan.
3. Were you single or taken? taken.
4. Who did you like? i was with Nick starting in November of that school year. / My boyfriend is & was Ryan.
5. How far had you gone (relationship-wise)? i didn't do anythinnngg. well, i had my first kiss, but that's it / Sex.
6. What were you labelled as? i wasn't.
7. What was the best thing about that year? Nick, definitely. everything. i loved 8th grade // In June 2015??? Nothing happened.. it's not even that memorable.
8. What was the worst thing about that year? Christina just kinda stopped hanging around with me. // Again I honestly have no idea?
9. Where did you live? here / My old house.
10. What did you look like? like an awkward 13 year old. // Same as I do now.

1. What grade were you in? ninth. / I wasn't in school anymore.
2. Who were your best friends? Nick / Ryan.
3. Were you single or taken? i was taken.
4. Who did you like? Nick. / Ryan.
5. How far had you gone (relationship-wise)? everything except sex. / Sex.
6. What were you labelled as? wasn't
7. What was the best thing about that year? um, i don't know.. / In 2016 I graduated college, got a full-time job, got promoted to manager... it was pretty good for me.
8. What was the worst thing about that year? nothing? i don't really remember. like.. it was just whatever // THE POLITICS.
9. Where did you live? here. / This house.
10. What did you look like?  pretty much like i do now... kinda. i had longer hair and smaller boobs. // Same as I do now.

1. What grade are you in? sophomore. // Not in school.
2. Who are your best friends? i don't really have a best friend anymore, and i'm fine with that. // Ryan.
3. Are you single or taken? taken!
4. Who do you like? Louis. / Ryan
5. How far have you gone (relationship-wise)? same.. i haven't had sex. // Sex.
6. What are you labelled as? nothing?
7. What was the best thing about this year? mm.. Louis<3 // I got HIRED as a permanent employee, my loans are getting paid off faster, we're closer to purchasing a home together.
8. What was the worst thing about this year? december 2008 .. the entire thing // The President.
9. Where do you live? HERE
10. What do you look like? like.. me. idk. i need a new picture.. maybe i'll take some whenever i have time.. now i have to do my english journal. // Same.
[ made by rampage_surveys (: ]
02 June 2017 @ 09:54 pm

1. Are you single or do you have a piece? uhhh, i'm taken. / I've got a piece.
2. Hit it and quit it or lasting relationships? lasting
3. Have you ever hooked up/made out with someone without dating them? nope.  / Yes.
4. Do you kiss on the first date? it was different. / Sure.
5. If not, what is the average number of dates before you'll kiss?
6. Cologne/Perfume or natural smell? natural please. /  Natural is fine, cologne is nasty if it's too strong. Deodorant is a must.
7. Do you like your boyfriend to be cleanly shaven or not? shaven. / I love Ryan in his beard.
8. Would you rather your boyfriend be like Landon from A Walk to Remember or Noah from The Notebook? didn't see either movie. / Noah in the book but not as a boyfriend - he was a fantastic husband. I'd like a marriage like that.
9. What did you dislike most about your ex boyfriend? he lied about us going out. / He's difficult.
10. What did you like most about your ex boyfriend? alotta fun. / I dont think about this, honestly.


1. Candelit dinner in a restaurant or picnic? picnic. / Depends. I like both every now and then.
2. Late night date at the beach or rooftop? rooftop.
3. Date at a concert or museum? concert! / Museum.
4. First kisses outside or inside? outside. / I don't care.
5. What was your favourite date? movies with nick. / Dinner + sex.
6. Least favourite date?  // Hardware store or Sears tool section. When you're old with little time, going to the store is a date.
7. Plants or flowers? flowers. / A plant.
9. Watching a movie together or listening to music? both. / Movie.
10. Chicago White Sox game or Photo shoot together?
YANKEE game. / I'll stick with a baseball game.


1. Who pays for the date? depends. / Whoever.
2. Dress up for a date or comfy? comfy / Again, depends. A date night where I don't have my second job, I dress up and we do dinner at a nice place. If I get out of work and get home at like 9:45pm, we go to the Mexican place up the road and eat in bed.
3. Do opposites attract? they do. /  Yes.
4. hamburgers or hotdogs? hamburgers.
5. ice cream or frozen yogurt? ice cream. // Yes, but I did have frozen yogurt on our little lunch date on Thursday and it was pretty darn yummy.
6. myspace or facebook? myspace. / Facebook.
7. live journal or xanga? xanga. / XANGA STILL PLEASE.
9. which Nsync member is your favourite? i don't really care. / Still, don't care. Love the music, don't care for each individual member.
10. Nsync Nsync or Pop Odyssey Nsync? nsync nsync.

Bands and whatnot

1. Bread or Boston? ummmm.
2. Jay Z or Nas? neither.
3. Nelly Furtado or Shakira? neither. / Nelly.
4. Panic! At The Disco or Cartel? cartel. / PANIC WTF?
5. Tegan and Sara or Tegan and Sara? uh.
5. Beyonce or Ciara? i don't like that type of music. / Beyonce.
6. LFO or 98 Degrees? LFO / Idk why I said LFO I cannot think of one LFO song right now??
7. Marinda Lampert or Julie Roberts? uhh / Neither.
9. Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson? neither.
10. Iron Maiden or Anthrax? neither.


1. Long make out sessions or long cuddling sessions? either. but i really like cuddling.  / Cuddles.
2. blowjobs or make out sessions? // Why not both?
3. 2 guys and a chick or 2 chicks and a guy? // I've never had a threesome & I don't intend to BUT if I for some reason ever did consider that, I would want 2 girls & guy.
4. when was the last time you pleased yourself? // It's been a while.
5. porn or no porn? no porn // I don't like porn.
6. do you have any weird fantasies? they're not weird // No. WHAT NASTY FANTASY DID I HAVE AT 14? I cannot.
7. private places or public? / Private.
8. are you a closet half lesbian? no.
9. would you rather do barney or the teletubbies?
10. skirt during sex or naked?  // Ryan LOVES dresses/skirts during sex & I don't mind wearing them for him.
Made by Sabrina at

26 March 2017 @ 09:36 pm
1. What is the last thing you said to the person you like?
It was by text to Ryan. He's on a plane right now to Seattle. Let me see what I said.. "Love you so much. Safe travels!"

2. Does your favorite song remind you of anybody?

3. Do you have a member of the opposite sex you’ve told everything to?
I don't think it's possible to tell someone EVERYTHING.

4. Has anybody really broken you? If so, has it changed you?
Yes, and yes. My ex broke me, my family has broken me. The changed me in ways that now, I see the people differently, I see and feel differently about my own family, and I don't ever ever ever want to be like them. I'd expand but I'm short on time.

5. Do you honestly have any regrets?

6. Missing anybody?
I always want to be with Ryan, but he's traveling at the moment for work.

7. Do you want any tattoos? If yes, what?

8. Are you in any kind of emotional pain right now?

9. When and why did you last cry?
I don't remember the last time I actually cried. Probably in December or January? I really don't know. I've had little tear-jerking moments since then.

10. Why are you doing this survey?
I wanted to.

11. What was the last thing to annoy you, even the slightest bit?
My sister. I was trying to work a bit for the office because it's $15/hr for overtime. So WHY NOT! I got approved to work. Anyway, she kept pestering and being very obnoxious on purpose
12. Last time you wore the opposite sex’s clothing?
Ryan's sweatpants the last time I stayed at his house. Few weeks ago.

13. What do you bite on more; your tongue, your lip, or your nails?
My lip.

14. Would you rather go back a week or go forward?

15. Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
Sure. It looks like I'm going to the gym. I'm wearing a Michael's shirt & some workout cropped leggings. Super comfy!

16. Who did you like on New Years?

17. Are promises important to you?

18. Did anything "cute" happen in this week?

19. What are your plans for the day?
My day is over, but I worked from 7am to 11:45. I came home, relaxed a bit, then from 3:30 to 4:30 I worked for my office job. Then I did a workout with my sister & played just dance until 7:30, and then I cooked dinner & prepped my meals for the next 2 days.

20. What did you have for breakfast?
I didn't have breakfast. When I got home from work, it was noon already. I don't remember what I had.

21. Have you had sex in 2012 yet?
In 2012 I did have sex, yes.

22. What kind of booze did you last take shots of?
I've never taken shots.

23. What are you currently wearing?
A red Michael's shirt, a pink bra, black&gray workout leggings, and gray undies.

24. What color hair do you find sexiest on the opposite gender?
Darker, usually.

25. Have you slept over at a member of the opposite sex’s house in their bed?

26. Who last slept in your bed besides you?
Ryan slept here on Friday night.
27. What time did you wake up today?

28. If the last person you had sex with asked you to date them, would you?
We're in a serious commited relationship and have been for 4 years. We're beyond the DATING phase.

29. How long until your birthday?
A teeny bit less than 2 months.

30. What color is your car (or the one you drive most often)?
My car is silver/gray. It's a mix - it doesn't look totally gray and it doesn't look silver, either. Closer to gray, probably. It's not silver.
31. What celebrity did you most recent ex resemble?
I don't think he looks like a celeb.

32. What’s your favorite kind of cereal?
I don't have a favorite cereal.

33. What’s something you want to purchase next time you’re at the mall?

34. When you lost your virginity, were you sober?

35. What was the last movie you watched?
I don't even remember.

36. Has anyone of the opposite sex ever told you that you were sexy?

37. If you could see any musician live, front row, who would you choose?
I don't know.

38. Do you own any books written by musicians?

39. When was the last time you received a massage?
Never. Lord do I need one.

40. When did you last consume something that had peanut butter?
Yesterday I put a tiny little bit on my apple, but it was the nasty peanut butter the food pantry gives out and I despise that one. I like powdered peanut butter or Skippy. I actually got powdered peanut butter from the food pantry as well, but it expired April 2016. I tried it and it smells/tastes like drywall.
21 February 2017 @ 08:13 pm

1. When was the last time you washed your hair?
thursday night. i'm gunna go take a shower after this though. i feel so disgusting. // Yesterday morning.

2.what where u doing at 8am this morning?
sleeping. // I was at my desk at work.

3. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
a survey. // Same.

4. Are you any good at math?
depends. // No. And now I work as a Biller, so go figure.

7. Are you mad at anyone right now?
not really.

8. Do you know the words to the song on your MySpace profile?
uh huh. // I don't use MySpace.

9. What was the last thing you received in the mail?
something from school. // A check.

10. How many different drinks have you had today?
three. // Water, soymilk, coffee, apple juice.. 4.

12. Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machine?
not if i don't have to. // Never.

13. Any plans for tonight?

14. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach?
yep. // No.

15. What's the most painful dental procedure you've had?
nothing.// Nothing.

16. What's outside your front door?
steps. // Yes, just stairs.

17. Do you have plans Friday night?
uhhm, yeah. i'm gunna go see the play. // I have work until 9:30 and then usually Ryan stays with me.

18. Do you like the ocean?
sure. // Yeah.

19. Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different popcorn?
yeah. yeaaaaars ago. // Apparently.

20. Have you ever been to a planetarium?
yeah. // Apparently

22. Something you are excited about?
nothing. // Paying my car off this week. I'm so terrified, but I'm excited.

23. Who around you has the most problems?
my mother. // Honestly that's rude but still holds so much truth.

24. Are any of your great-grandparents still alive?

25. Discribe your love life?
lovely. lol. // It's going well.

26. Where do you keep your change?
in the tin. // In my wallet.

27. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people?
does italian count? // I don't remember a LARGE group, but I did have to speak to a group at work last month.

28. Do you like anyone right now?
sure. // Yes

29. What was the weather like on your birthday?
don't remmeber. // Probably hot?

30. Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed?

31. If you could change your name, what would it be?
idk. //  I wouldn't.

32. Do you like your middle name?
nope. // Not as a name, but it fits as a middle name.

33. What are you thinking about right now?
stuff. // My game

34. Do you consider your best friends family?

35. Favorite food?
hmm. // French fries.

21 February 2017 @ 08:02 pm
March 30, 2007 // Feb 21, 2017.

1. {Hypothesis on how long this survey will take} 6-11 minutes. // Maybe 20 minutes.
2. {Describe the significance of your myspace name.}doesn't really have meaning.. i wanna change it but i can't think of anything good. // I don'y use MySpace anymore.
3. {When is your birthday?} may 22.
4. {If you could have your birthday on one other day of the year, which would it be?} uhhm.. novemeber.. 10th // I'll stick with mine.
5. {If you could fuck a zodiac sign, what would it be?} i wouldn't.
6. {How did you learn the word "fuck"?} kids at school probably. // Uh NO> I for sure learned that word from my parents.
7. {If you could be anybody else for one day, who would it be?} idk. // Maybe a cat or a dog.
8. {Who are you the most envious of?} idk. no one really. // same.
{If you could make one of your enemies your best friend, who would it be?} i wouldn't.
10. {Out of everyone you've ever met, who would you most like the opportunity of reading like a book?} uhm.. idk. thats a good question..
11. {What book are you currently reading?} Tending to Grace & Elsewhere. // I'm not, sadly. I don't remember Tending to Grace, but I remember Elsewhere.
12. {What is your favorite movie?} Stick It & Raise Your Voice. // I don't have one.
13. {What do you think of the Beatles?} i don't really. // They're alright. Never something I'd decide to listen to, honestly.
14. {Ah, but which movie is better, Donnie Darko or Fight Club?} idk. // Fight Club.
15. {If you could tell anybody off right now, who would it be, and what for?} nobody. i don't feel like talking or anything right now.
16. {What is your most prized possession?} things // my education, my car, my life.
17. {What do you think happens after death?} idk anymore. // I think what happens is nothing. You no longer are here, there, or anywhere. It's darkness you cannot experience. I like to think I can still see into this world though and kinda BE.. I don't know. I really don't. That thought of no longer existing is terrifying to me.
18. {Do you believe in God?} yes. // No.
19. {What do you think about religion?}well .. i believe in it // If you believe in something, great. If not, great. Let's co-exist and respect each other.
21. {If you were to approach your favorite actor/actress on the street, . what would you say?} i would say hello. // I don't have one, but if ANY actor, I honestly probably wouldn't even know unless they were in something I've seen.
23. {Who do you fantasize about running into "unexpected"?} uhm. what? // No one.
24. {What would you say?}
25. {What adds the most meaning to your life?} Nick does. // I add meaning to my life MYSELF, like working towards a goal.
26. {If you were one person from the bible, who do you think you'd be?}hm. idk. // I dont really think I can compare myself to a biblical person, and if I could, I don't even know their names/stories.
27. {Are you aware that Jesus' birthday is arriving shortly?} uhm.. that's far away. // No.
28. {If you could be any evil person from history, who would you be?} idk. // I wouldn't.
29. {If you could fight any historic figure, who would it be?} hm ... // I don't want to fight anyone.
30. {Have you ever wondered if deep down you're evil?} not really. // I've thought of this, yes. The question of "Are humans good or evil" and I can always fight myself on either side, so I don't actually know.
31. {What is the one thing you feel you need to be forgiven about the most in order to move on?} dunno. // Nothing.
32. {Who do you still need closure from?} i don't know? // I don't need closure on anything.
33. {Would you like to change your name to something else?} maybe. // No.
34. {If you could brutally slaughter someone, who would it be?} i wouldn't.
35. {What is your torture of choice?}
36. {Do you say, "I don't know" a lot, or do you vary your answers?} i say it quite frequently. // It varies.
37. {If you could live somewhere else, where would it be?} california. // Somewhere warmer & cheaper, but not too too much warmer.
38. {Do you sincerely think you're all that original, or do you usually steal things from other people?} depends. // We all develop how we speak and our mannerisms from somewhere.
39. {Have you been diagnosed as something out of the ordinary?} no.
40. {How do you want to die?} peacefully or some way people wouldn't believe. // Peacefully.
41. {What do you want to become?} gorgeous. // toned.
42. {Do you consider yourself intellectual?} sometimes. // I am a smart cookie!
43. {Do you discuss superiority/inferiority a little too much?} no? // No.
44. {Do you have epiphanies monthly?} nope? // I don't think so.
45. {Describe your last one.} ...
46. {Describe your last cruel prank.} no. // I don't play pranks.
47. {Who do you consider yourself "obsessed" with?} idk. // Working.
48. {Do you have any weird obsessions?} kinda. the jonas brothers? but.. that's kinda dying down. unless i see them. hah. :] // Working.
51. {Are your comments sent to your email?} like.. a notice, yes. // Probably, but I usually mark anything non-important as SPAM or BLOCK SENDER so I don't receive anything I don't need to be getting.
52. {Who's house of your friends have you never been to?} like.. all of them. // I've been to Ryan's house & that's it. I really don't have any friends.
53. {If you could describe yourself on one emotion, what would it be?} bored. // lazy
54. {What age do you want to die at?} idk. // 96 I dont freaking know
55. {Should they make Mary Jane legal?} i don't care. // I'm not opposed to it
56. {If you could have witnessed one event in history or the course of your life, what would it be?} the holocaust <-- no way me too .. <-- ME ALSO! <---me tooooo! // Why on Earth would we all want to WITNESS that!?!!
57. {If you could be on TV screen for one thing, what would it be?} idk. // I don't want to be on television.
58. {Do you think in black and white or in color more?} color.
59. {Describe the last dream you had.} i can't remember.
60. {What do you think your subconscious was trying to inform you of?} i dunno? // Yeah I don't know.
61. {Do you see a therapist?} no.
63. {How much money is in your wallet?} i dont have a wallet. // None.
64. {What, if you can remember, was the best day of your life?} i really don't know.. // There's been a few good days that stick out but the best days I always say are yet to come.
65. {How did you find out what sex was?} uhm.. i think my cousin? idk. school, i suppose.
66. {How old were you when you first started killing kittens?} is that supposed to be masturbating? lol.  i haven't nor do i intend to. // I don't kill kittens & I don't even what to know wht at 13 did I think this was supposed mean masturbation..
67. {What is the world's main problem?} oh lord, what isn't ? // trump is america's.
68. {If you could spend the rest of you life with someone you know right now, who would it be?} Nick. // Ryan.
69. {What is your biggest social fear?} hm. what isn't? // Exactly.
70. {What should you be doing right now?} scale drawing. // Nothing! I brought my work laptop home with my but without a second screen, it's difficult to work.
71. {What was the last movie you rented?} no clue. // Yeah I don't know. The last time I went to Blockbuster had to be maybe 5 or 6 years ago before they shut down.
72. {What movie do you highly suggest everyone see?} stick it. :] // Interstellar was good?
73. {What's the meaning of life?} many different things.

74. {What do you think of the person who took this before you?} i don't. // I think I haven't changed much in 10 years according to this survey LOL.
75. {How long did this survey take you?} long time. but that's 'cause my mom kept calling me to vacuum, and change michelle and clean up... gr. // AW Changing Michelle. Now, Michelle is 12 years old!! Anyway, I don't didn't keep track, but I was also playing a game, so a bit longer than anticipated?

[ from surveys_youbeezy ]

19 December 2016 @ 10:40 pm
1. How much do you monthly pay for mortgage or rent?
Right now, I'm rent free in my parent's (rented) home. They pay 2000/mo. An apartment for Ryan and I would be about the same price where we live, and even more going towards his employer. Ryan is working on saving for a down payment on a house so we can own rather then rent, which, depending on how much the house is, would he cheaper than renting. However most homes are between 400 and 700k,so we still have a lot of saving to do.

2. What is your favorite grocery store to shop at, and how often do you shop for groceries?
I don't have a favorite food store.

3. Who is your favorite character from the last movie you watched?
I can't even remember the last movie I watched.

4. How many hours do you work a week? If you don't work, do you plan on finding a job? If so, when?
Between 65 and 75. Typically I work 70,but latetly its been like 74, 75, 76.

5. Where did you have your first kiss? What about your last kiss?
My first was outside the middle school. My last was in my bed.

6. When is the next time you will be going out of town?
I booked a little getaway for Ryan and I for mid April to Connecticut and I'm very excited.

7. What is the last thing you spoke to your father about?
People we used to know.

8. Where did you spend Christmas or any other winter holiday?
The last few Christmases have been spent with Ryan and his family, as well as his parents friends.

9. How many people under the age of 21 are in your immediate family?
Three. Taking this on my phone is annoying but I really wanted to take a survey. .

10. Who do you usually go to when you need advice or to talk to? Harry, Haylee, the internet.
11. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? How much time does it consume? Take surveys, go shopping, sleep, watch TV or movies, go out to eat, Disneyland. I don't even know.
12. When is your winter break and when do you start school again? I just started my winter break once I finished my paper on the 16th. I don't go back to classes until January 25th, but have training for my internship and my club on both the 20th and 21st.
13. Where in your house do you spend the most time in?
14. Who do you feel you have the most in common with? Haylee.
15. How was your weekend? My weekend was okay. I worked all of it, as I usually do.
16. Where would you like to move to in the future? We looked at houses online in Oregon, so maybe there.
17. When did you last go to the movies? What movie did you see? I went to the movies on November 21st.
18. What are you currently wearing? Do you have any memories in which you are wearing a piece of clothing from your outfit? I am wearing pajamas. I don't really have any distinct memories in either of the clothing pieces I am wearing.
19. Who in your life causes you the most stress or negative feelings? Me.
20. How is your relationship with your siblings? If you don't have any, what about your cousins? I like my sister but I wouldn't say we were ~close~.
21. What is the last meal you cooked and when? I can't remember off the top of my head.
22. Where is your family from? Both of my parents are from California.
23. When is the last time you went clothes shopping? What did you buy? I went yesterday, on a whim. I felt kind of bad paying as much as I did on clothing but the girl gave me 20% off anyway even though I technically landed on $5 off $25. I bought a slip dress, a sweater, and a flower top. I was going to get a bomber jacket but it was going to make my total over $100 so I took that off.
24. How do you know the last person you spoke to? If it's family, what about the last person you kissed? I texted my mom just a moment ago so clearly I knew her because she gave birth to me. Since that person is family, I met Harry through Sergio when I was a little fourteen year old.
25. Who in your life do you cherish the most?